About Us

We are responsible for creating over Two Trillion Dollars in Market Cap in the past 20 years.

Here are a few corporations that we came together
to create Google, Facebook, WeChat, Twitter,
Telegram, Youtube, Snapchat, and just recently
TikTok, and now we are doing again.

But this time we,
are changing the rules.

We will choose the Founders of what we build next. And they will work for us!

We are done building mega corporations for only the fortunate to financially benefit.

No more shares or tokens issued to venture capitalists, executives, founders, teams, and family members before us.


World Changing Protocol

OPES Blockchain provides the global digital economy a bridge to the most valuable asset in the world, us. Times are changing, and the Internet’s future will have to use the OPES Layer if it wants to connect to us.


Disruption is Coming 2021

We will transform the Financial Industry like nothing the World has ever experienced, providing new life-changing opportunities to people worldwide.


Start being rewarded for being the most valuable asset in the world.

Get working on your Activity Rate Score today! 

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OPES Road Map by the Community

  1. March 2017

    The concept was born everyone involved signed the oath of digital silence.

  2. July 2017

    Development Started

  3. Sept 2017

    Applied AI and ML modeling to understand market readiness.

  4. Nov 2017

    Started a fact-finding mission traveling to 27 cities worldwide to sit down with Industry Experts.

  5. June 2018

    First 7 Partners were strategically chosen to launch Masternodes.

  6. Oct 2018

    The 7 Partners gathered from all around the world to have a ThinkTank.

  7. Dec 2018

    Completed POC of a New Blockchain Consensus Protocol.

  8. Jan 2019

    We successfully launched Testnet.

  9. April 2019

    The first onchain Proven Authentic Concurred Transaction (PACT).

  10. June 2019

    We successfully launched Mainnet with another commitment of digital silence.

  11. July 2019

    OPES ID App was released for Android only.

  12. Aug 2019

    First version of the Mesh Network in the wild.

  13. Sept 2019

    Using our modeling, we decide the market was not ready for mass adoption chose to stay in stealth mode.

  14. Oct 2019

    allowed another group of Partners to launch Masternodes.

  15. Nov 2019

    We had another meetup from around the world and decided to stay in Stealth Mode.

  16. March 2020

    Release iOS OPES ID App with a recommitment to digital silence from everyone involved.

  17. April 2020

    Mobile mining was activated; users can now earn mining rewards for their activity paid to them in OS.

    We had 40 strategic partners join as Masternodes from all different sectors of industries and agreed to the oath of digital silence.

  18. Sept 2020

    Launch of OPES.Finance.

    First Phase of Governance for the OPESChain

  19. Oct 2020

    OPES is chosen along with 7 other outstanding projects to form the first-ever Defi Index. The Index was created on the Balancer Exchange and PE is one of the 8 Tokens included in the Index.


  20. Dec 2020

    Got voted into the Growth Accelerator Program at BEES.Social

  21. May 2021

    List the PE Coin (wPE) on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko and let the world get a sneak peek into what this community is all about.

  22. July 2021

    Hello world one more sneak peek at the power of this community. Leading us into our full release in Dec 2021.

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